The Basic Details on Baccarat Card Values.

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As in a casino, the objective of baccarat card is to predict which hand (banker or player) gets a total closer to 9. Therefore the baccarat hand values. That are based on the card values form a crucial part of the game.

Yet, you can’t simply use exactly the same card values seen in baccarat card. Rather you need to look at the values listed below:

Explanation of baccarat card values.
  • The numbered cards are worth the value stated on them. So a 2 gives you two points, a 3 is worth three and so on.
  • The 10s and the face cards (jack, queen and king) have a zero value. Meaning that they don’t add any points to your hands
  • The ace always counts as 1 point
  • No jokers are used in baccarat

Both hands are given two cards to start with. The cards are then added up to give a total. If it has a 3 and a 4, the total is 7. A 5 and a king dealt together would be worth 5 games by UFABET 

However, the maximum baccarat hand value permitted is 9. If the total goes over this figure. Only the right-hand digit is used. Therefore, if the hand has. For example a 9 and 6 then the total is 15 but the hand only counts as 5. The same applies if it goes over 20. This means that 9, 6 and 9 together would count as 4 in baccarat, rather than 24.