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Monthly Archives: December 2023

5 formulas to keep hands soft and smooth

One of the problems that girls often encountered and caused a lack of confidence in touching others is having a problem with rough hands. So if anyone is facing this problem I recommend you to try 5 formulas to nourish your hands to be smooth and soft that we share today

Benefits of fruits and vegetables 5 colors

for the baby Getting nutrients from colorful fruits and vegetables It will give you the nutritional value in its entirety. Which when it’s time for the baby to eat food Advise parents to keep finding 5 colors of fruits and vegetables for their children to eat. Today, we took the benefits

5 ways to take care of your eyes Effectively

As girls know better, cataracts are conditions in which the lens of the eyes changes. Normally, the lens of the eye looks clear. But when cataracts The lens of the eye will change to a darker color. This results in the light not being able to enter the eye. As a result,

Should take care of yourself when you know that you are pregnant?

in the first trimester That the mother should take care of herself more. Including creating a good feeling for yourself And most importantly, you should get enough rest. Because during pregnant, the body is easily exhausted. And should reduce activities that require a lot of energy In addition. Antenatal care should be